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What Our Clients Have To Say…

We were looking for therapy dog for our five year autistic son and found Melissa Wren. We could not have asked for a more wonderful breeder or experience.  When we went to meet Melissa and the parents of the upcoming litter, Sunny and Heidi, we were instantly impressed.  Sunny and Heidi were not only beautiful, healthy dogs but also exceedingly calm and well-behaved.  In addition,  Melissa was so genuine and compassionate, we could tell she cares tremendously both for her own dogs as well as the families that she places dogs with. We knew this would be a great fit for our family. When Heidi’s litter was born, we brought our children up to meet the adorable 5 week old puppies.  Every single puppy in her litter was healthy, happy, playful and sweet. But Ms Pink crawled into my 5 year old son’s lap and won him over from the start.  My kids could not stop talking about Ms Pink for the next few weeks and couldn’t wait to bring her home. We just brought Princess Sophie Pickles (formerly Ms Pink) home a week ago and she has been an amazing addition to our family.  As an 8 week old puppy, she is extremely well socialized, calm and affectionate.  She already sits, stays, responds to her name and is incredibly patient with my 3 and 5 year old boys.  We can tell that Melissa invested a lot of time socializing and training her.  Sophie has already blended right in with our family. The boys plays chase, fetch and red light/green light with her in the morning which helps all of them burn energy. In the evening,  we all compete to snuggle with this sweet little fur ball. I think she’s going to be a great therapy dog for all of us.  Just look at the smiles on my boys’ faces when they are holding her and that  tells it all. We are so thankful that we met Melissa Wren with Sweetheart Goldens and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an excellent breeder. Sincerely, The Knupp Family Jeff, Jessica, Jacob (5 years), Jonah (3 years) and Princess Sophie Pickles (9 weeks)
Our experience with Melissa and Sweetheart Goldens was nothing less than extraordinary. As my wife, Lauren, and I sit here playing with our "fur baby", Wilson, we are thrilled with how this entire experience has come to pass.  To start off, here are a few pieces of information about us. This is our first dog as a married couple, we research literally every purchase that we make, and we are absolutely dog people. We found Melissa based on a simple Google search, but she was not the first breeder we called. In fact, we were thisclose to using a breeder out of state and even went as far as looking at drive times and researching plane tickets to see how to make an out of state dog work. Fortunately, we found Melissa and from the first phone call we absolutely knew this was not going to be an ordinary experience.  Shortly after that, we made the drive up to Loveland to meet Melissa and see all of her lovely dogs! We had planned on not making a decision that day, however, there was something special about Melissa and Miss Heidi. We just felt an incredible peace come over us and knew right then and there that this was the breeder for us.  I have mentioned how it was an experience earlier and that is truly what this was. It was not a simple, put your deposit down, check in from time to time, and pick up your puppy when the time comes. Melissa was in constant communication and we were able to literally take this journey with Melissa, Heidi, and the puppies. I know that other breeders may do things a bit different, but I cannot tell you how lucky we were to be able to be a part of Wilson's life from the beginning. Melissa was amazing when it came to the care and training of all the puppies prior to them going to their forever homes. She allowed us to be involved in the process as little, or as much as we would like. She provided the best possible care available and that wasn't even the best part about Sweetheart Goldens. All of these things were secondary when you compare them to Melissa's pure love for every single puppy and family. She cares for these dogs as if they were members of her own family and she truly has a desire to ensure each puppy is taken care of forever! In the end, Melissa and Sweetheart Goldens, not only have a customer for life, but a friend. We could not have hand picked a better family to care for our Wilson for the first 8 weeks and to maintain a relationship unlike any other. Melissa Wren is a phenomenal breeder and an even better person. Thank you! Richard, Lauren, and Wilson Rush
During our quest for a puppy, our main concern was the pup’s pedigree.  Also, we sought a breeder who cares for the pups’ well-being and placement.  Well, in meeting Melissa, our concerns were more than satisfied. Melissa is a wonderful breeder and a great person whose soul shines.  The initial step of requiring an application for purchase of a puppy is emblematic of her care for the pups.  When the pups were born, she always kept us well informed on how they were developing, which is over and above what we expect. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  We were afforded the opportunity to visit with Heidi, the Mom, three days before she would whelp.  A couple days after whelping, we were able to visit as often as possible to see the puppies.  Our son, who was 7, was able to experience this entire process and he will remember this time in his life forever. Our pup, Cowboy, who will turn 1 next month, has been a welcomed addition to our family.  Very playful, but not too energetic, very obedient but still has a thirst for adventure and we are always receiving compliments on his appearance and approachability. We are very grateful for the experience and look forward to the future with Cowboy. Thanks Melissa, we love you! The B. Family of Lakewood
I recently went on a “field trip” with my puppy, Finnegan, to Jax’s. I was stopped many times by people remarking about what a beautiful dog Finnegan is. A couple of people actually asked if Finnegan was a “Melissa Wren” dog. I proudly and enthusiastically responded, “Yes!” I am so thankful to have found Melissa, and as a result, Finnegan.  Finnegan is everything I hoped for in a Golden Retriever!  He is gorgeous – his stunning cream color is unique, his English heritage gives him a stockier, square head, which I believe makes him even more attractive.  Finnegan’s disposition is outgoing and extremely intelligent. Melissa gave these puppies a terrific start with excellent breading, great nutrition, and above all, lots and lots of love!  Finnegan was very well socialized by the time he came to our home at eight weeks old.  As I have done more and more research into English Cream Golden Retrievers, I have come to appreciate Melissa more and more for her excellent knowledge of English Creams. She is a wealth of knowledge and so willing to share her passion and love for her dogs. I am so thankful to have found Melissa and know that she will always be available to answer my questions and to sooth my fears. I am also thankful that she has come into my life and given my family an amazing gift – an incredible loving dog, and a life-long friendship. I would buy another dog from Sweetheart Goldens and Melissa Wren in a heart beat! Mr. Sky Blue now “Finnegan” New Forever Buckley Family
Melissa, It's amazing how somethings in life just seem meant to be. A friend of mine sent me your picture with all the puppies from your website, and we instantly fell in love with the pups! After looking at your website daily and scrolling through the puppy profiles, we just knew we had to have Baby Blue. Even though the website posted that he had a home, I just kept looking at his pictures. Then, one day, you posted that he was available again and I called you immediately. We are so fortunate to have Baby Blue (now Bear) in our lives, and we simply enjoy our new family addition each day. Although a puppy, he has such a sweet temper, calm disposition and warms up to both people and other dogs in an instant. Thank you for your kindness and patience through the process and we will keep sending you pictures and updates as he continues to grow. Best, Deb, Justin, Dylan, Emerson, and Sandy (golden retriever) Morrison Mr. Baby Blue now “Bear” New Forever Family
We got our puppy from Sweetheart Goldens and we could not be happier. Bear came to us healthy, happy and very well socialized; our vet was even impressed! Bear has been a joy and a great companion for my whole family. Melissa is a pleasure to work with and cares deeply about her puppies and their new owners. Her dogs are beautiful, gentle and intelligent and she is a true professional. Shannon Mr. Teal now “Bear” New Forever Connell  Family
During my first visit to meet Melissa and to see her puppies, i sat on the floor and Mr Green climbed up on to my lap. I knew right away I had found my buddy. I named him Dash and he is a perfect companion.   Dash was 9 weeks old when I bought him home and he was already well socialized.   He is a gorgeous dog with huge paws and a very calm temperament…  Dash is also smart and attentive and has been easy to teach.  He loves being around people and other dogs.  He enjoys walks, being outside and playing in the snow.  He's also quite content to just sit and people watch, which is the reason our walks are always very leisurely  and sometimes lengthy. (in time not distance!!! :) I am very grateful to have found Melissa and "Sweetheart Goldens".  Melissa continues to care about Dash and continues to provide support and information to me, and I will continue to flood her with photo updates.   Ryan Meissner Mr. Green now “Dash” New Forever Meissner Family
It was quite serendipitous how we came across Finn. We happen to see photos of English Cream Retriever puppies on Facebook and I immediately contacted our friend who had the photo posted. She reminded me that the photo I saw, was a post from a year or so ago but she did tell us that her dog had just sired a litter of British Cream Retriever puppies just across town. She immediately put us in touch with Melissa, and we began discussing the possibility of getting in line for one of the of puppies. After researching the pedigrees of both parents, we just knew our pup was in Melissa's litter. We flew from Atlanta to Denver and drove up to meet Melissa and pick Finn out of a group of irresistible brothers and sisters. We feel incredibly fortunate to have Finn in our lives and he has made a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn’t be more pleased with the care and service provided by Melissa, as well as the quality and temperament of our dog. Thank you, Jim and Joel. Mr Navy Blue, " Now Finn" New forever family Joel & Jim, Atlanta Georgia
I am so thankful to have met Melissa with Sweetheart Golden's! Not only is she the most amazing breeder that care's so much for her puppies, she blessed me with my adorable little girl Lucy. I can't say enough about how wonderful my whole experience was with Sweetheart Golden's. I would recommend anyone looking to add a special angel to your life? Sandy Hull & Lucy Longmont Colorado
Buying my puppy Yoda from Sweetheart Goldens has been a wonderful experience every step of the way. Following my first phone call to Melissa she warmly welcomed me into her home to meet the expectant mother Heidi. I fell in love with her sweet temperament and knew her puppies would be beautiful in every way. Melissa kept me posted on Heidi's progress and invited me to come meet the newborns! Being able to see and hold these precious babies was such a priceless experience and helped to solidify which puppy I wanted. I instantly bonded with baby Mr. Blue and knew he was the one I wanted. Melissa continued to be a gracious host and allow myself and family members to come see the puppies and watch them grow. By the time I was able to take Yoda home I had already spent a considerable amount of time. Yoda has since grown into a happy, healthy, handsome dog. Melissa's high standards for breeding have yielded dogs with an excellent temperament and a compassionate nature that melts everyone's hearts and good looks that stop everyone in their tracks! She truly loves her dogs and continues to maintain a great relationship with their owners. I would highly recommend Sweetheart Goldens to anyone who wants an amazing dog! Sincerely, Sonia Mookherjea
We had always wanted an English Golden Retriever, and after sadly losing our sweet American Golden, Cody at age 10 to Cancer, it was not long after I started the search for a reputable breeder. After scouring the internet, and making calls, the moment I heard from Melissa, I knew it was meant to be. Her purpose and calling for being an exceptional Therapy Dog Breeder is like no other. She is very thorough to ensure she is breeding the best quality dogs, thus resulting in amazingly adorable puppies; not to mention she truly cares about the pups and the potential owners! She opened her home to us to meet Mama Millie and Daddy Caleb in short time before Millie was due, which was so fun! I wanted to take both of them home with me, and certainly the best therapy while we were grieving the loss of Cody. Throughout the whole process, Melissa included us, making us feel like family, and to be a part of the journey with the litter was such a blessing. She is an exceptional care giver to the Momma and puppies, and ensures they are exercised, engaged, and loved beyond measure before going to their forever home. We met people we otherwise would not have met, to enjoy a common joy of a Golden Retriever; which is priceless. After bringing our sweet boy, Jax home, Melissa has stayed in touch to check on him and I often send bragging Dog Mom pictures to her of how cute he is! We are truly so very thankful for Melissa and her efforts with breeding amazing lines of English Golden Retrievers. This will not be our last pup from Sweetheart Goldens! Thank you, Melissa for being so wonderful, We are forever grateful. We love you and all the Sweetheart Golden Dogs! Chris, Amy, & Jax Beckner (AKA Mr. Blue)
Our family has had the pleasure of knowing Melissa Wren and Sweetheart Goldens during the process of adopting our English Golden Retriever puppy, Dakota-Belle. Throughout the entire process, Melissa made our Family feel welcome and informed. Melissa's knowledge was on full display during the process leading up to the Puppy's birth as well as the care demonstrated during the first eight weeks prior to our adoption. Melissa's approach, with both the Puppy's and our Family was warm and caring. Melissa repeatedly welcomed us into her home during the adoption process. Our new Puppy has been healthy, happy and well adjusted since the time that she came home. We would highly recommend Melissa and Sweetheart Goldens for any Family considering adopting a new Puppy. Roger, Janice & Reese Brown
When our two young boys (3 years, and 5 years) were old enough to have a puppy, we began our research to find the best breeder. We interviewed a lot of breeders over the course of several months and we were not satisfied with any of them… and then we finally found Melissa! The moment I spoke to her I knew she was the perfect breeder for us. Our number one requirement for a dog was a calm temperament. Melissa first invited us over to her home to meet the parents of her next litter. Both the mom and dad were so sweet, calm, and just beautiful. We stayed at Melissa’s home to learn as much as we could about her puppies, how she raises the puppies until they go home using The Early Neurological Stimulation through Puppy Culture, and her philosophies on breeding amazing dogs. Melissa’s ultimate mission to raise Service dogs for veterans and people with disabilities is amazing! From this point on, Melissa kept in touch with us as the puppies’ birth came closer. All of the new puppy owners were gathered on a Private Facebook group to share information, pictures, questions etc. with each other! The Private Facebook Page still remains an amazing community to this day! We all got to see pictures and videos of the puppies from the moment they were born! Melissa then graciously invited all future puppy owners to come to her home regularly to spend time with the puppies and get to know each one. Melissa spent a tremendous amount of time educating us on the best ways to socialize our puppies during these visits as well. Our boys looked forward to coming over to see Melissa and the puppies each week. By the time it was time to take our sweet Charlie girl home, we had already spent a incredible amount of time with her. The experience was one of a kind and I couldn’t ask for a better one. After we took Charlie home, Melissa was always 100% available for any questions or concerns we had. She continued to show love and compassion not only for Charlie but for our entire family. Charlie is an outstanding dog. Not only is she absolutely beautiful but she is the calmest, sweetest, even tempered dog I have ever been around. She is not only amazing and patient with our boys but she is so smart and extremely gentle with everyone she meets. Loud noises, new people, pets, children, new environments…nothing bothers her. She was so well bred and socialized early on that she is an incredible dog. We get compliments on her temperament and beauty every time we take her out! We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found Melissa and to have the pleasure of owning one of the amazing dogs she bred!! Charlies Forever Home The Neuman Family
My husband and I live in a neighborhood full of dog lovers In Atlanta Georgia. We first learned of Sweetheart Goldens during a random walk in our neighborhood when we ran into the most beautiful dog we had ever seen who just happened to be from one of Melissa Wrens precious Sweetheart Golden litters. As soon as we returned home we instantly got on the computer and started our research On English Golden Retrievers.   After much research, we soon reached out to Melissa and inquired about the next upcoming litter. Trust was an important factor since we lived across the country. Melissa was the best! She was extremely personable, knowledgeable and thorough from the beginning. I loved how she kept us involved from day one and we found the private Facebook page full of daily updates, pictures and videos to be amazingly helpful being that we lived so far away– we felt like we knew each puppy, even though we were 20 hours apart! The Private Facebook page continues to be a great community of friends where we all share pictures of our growing puppies and can use each other’s experiences with certain questions we have like it’s a big puppy family. Our Sweet Poppy entered our life on one hot, Atlanta summer day in 2017…a slight adjustment from those cool, dry Colorado temps! She was my husband’s first dog and mine since childhood. Our little Poppy is the sweetest, most loving pup with such a big personality. She has brought so much joy to our lives. We constantly get stopped by people admiring how pretty she is! She is the best dog ever and has made our lives so much better! To this day, Melissa still reaches out to check on Poppy and cares so much for her. Thank you Melissa for all your hard work in raising these beautiful puppies, and putting so much love in to each and every one of them.  We couldn’t be more satisfied with our whole experience buying a Sweetheart Golden Puppy from Sweetheart Goldens of Loveland Colorado. Sincerely, the Moore Family Atlanta Georgia Poppy’s Forever Family
We are SO grateful that we found Melissa and Sweetheart Goldens! From the very beginning she was the most responsive breeder I contacted. What we’ve come to learn is that, when you work with Melissa you get more than just an amazing puppy/dog, but you get a priceless experience in many ways. From the very beginning, Melissa kept us involved and informed via a private Facebook group…..she provided consistent updates from ultrasound photos, to vet appointment updates, etc. On the day the puppies were born we were on pins-and-needles with excitement and we were kept up-to-date every step of the way! After they were born Melissa provided almost daily updates, photos, and videos. We were able to watch the puppies grow and see their little personalities emerge. It truly feels like you get to know each and every puppy. In addition, Melissa not only welcomes, but encourages, all families to come and meet the puppies in-person/consistently, prior to “pick day”. In every way we felt extremely included and informed when it came time to choose our new family member. Did I mention that she is an amazing photographer as well??.....With Melissa we got the priceless gift of photo/video documentation of this special time for our family. As the puppies grow, Melissa includes and educates her families on how she is socializing and training them. When we got Crosby home for the first night it was as if we had a trained puppy! He had very few accidents in the house, and he slept in his crate all night! We could not be more thankful for Crosby. He is the BEST dog……he is so smart, and gentle, and loving, and playful, and beautiful…..we couldn’t possibly love him more.  We have also had the opportunity to keep in touch with the families of his siblings and cousins, via the private Facebook community that Melissa created for all of us. We have been fortunate to share questions/advice/recommendations, and see the puppies continue to grow with their forever families.  I would not hesitate to recommend Melissa and Sweetheart Goldens to anyone!    With Love - The Holwell Family Crosby’s Forever Family
I highly recommend Sweetheart Goldens to anyone looking for a reputable breeder capable of giving you the best puppy you'll ever own! Melissa Wren is very thorough, and accommodating throughout the buying process-making sure that you'll find the perfect fit for you and your new puppy! It is evident upon talking with her that she cares deeply about her quality of breeding as well as the homes that her puppies become a part of. We had no complications throughout the purchase process and have only been happy ever since we brought "Bear" home. We would most definitely return as customers and we would highly recommend her to anyone searching for an impeccable breeder. Her standards are high and her knowledge is extensive. Her love and care for her dogs is unmatched! You simply cannot go wrong choosing  Sweetheart Goldens and Melissa Wren and she will follow up with you every step of the way to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Clementz Family Sugar Bear's Forever Family
I interviewed a lot of different breeders before I spoke with Melissa Wren at Sweetheart Goldens. I could tell right away that she not only knew a lot about the English Cream Golden breed and bloodlines, but that she really loved her dogs.  It was not about the money, it was about the dog. From the time the puppies are born, she works on socialization through the Puppy Culture Program. Melissa involves her owners in every step of the process and encourages them to come and spend time with the puppies. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a well-bred and well-socialized dog. Carrie & Walt Braydens Forever Family