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The Story of Sweetheart Goldens

Welcome to our website Thank you for visiting. We are a family who is passionate about life and animals. The two youngest members of our family have "special needs" and therefore the start to our story begins with the desire for a good therapy/family dog for children. Our family had previously owned American Goldens which sadly lived shortened lives due to cancer. Loving the Golden retriever bred since I was a kid and knowing a Golden was the dog breed I wanted my heart was torn due to their high cancer rates. I researched the internet and my research lead me to find The English Bred Golden Retrievers that have been proven to live longer healthier lives with much better odds then The American Goldens from getting Cancer. I was sold, and then on a mission to find a High Quality and Healthy English Bred Golden Retriever dog for our family. This search leads me to Recherche Goldens & the owners Jamel and Charity Hamka who raise High Quality English golden retrievers. We were so blessed to adopt into our family Pick of the litter female "Recherche Beach" who we lovingly named Heidi. Thank you so Much to Recherche Goldens for providing us with our Beautiful Foundation Bitch Heidi.
When we saw Heidi's mother Anna we knew she was the most beautiful female golden retriever we had ever seen and Heidi is a total look alike to her momma. Heidi has been the best dog anyone could ever ask for she passed all her Health clearances with flying colors including a hip score of “Excellent” Which only 4% of Golden Retrievers have that high of a score. I am also happy to announce that several of Heidi’s puppies that have been OFA hip tested have also came back with an Excellent Hip score. Heidi’s Puppies also having high hip scores is right on the money of where we want our breeding standards to be especially considering that Hip dysplasia is a big problem in the Golden Retriever breed. Heidi is a very happy dog with a gentle and very kind & patient loving spirit. Heidi has been a huge blessing to our family and her puppies have been just that to their families too! We want to send a huge Thank you out to Jamel & Charity Hamka from Recherche Goldens for selling us our first English Bred Golden Retriever our Beloved Heidi & we are so grateful for all their help and support in giving us this amazing opportunity to raise These Beautiful dogs. Please visit their website it’s a wealth of knowledge on this beautiful breed of Dog https://whitegoldenretriever.com Heidi was awarded the AKC Canine Good Citizen title & her Therapy Dog certification. Heidi loves to visit with Veterans and children which lead me to my next part of this journey in working with war Veterans. Veterans are dear to me as My father Lon Egbert was a Vietnam Veteran who had thought in returning home from war he would be a hero and was greeted instead by People screaming and throwing tomatoes at him after he got off his Navy ship. I watched my dad struggle daily from the aftermaths of all he had been through. I only knew my dad for fifteen years but he and I were best friends. Sadly my dad is one of the statistics of Veterans that Committed suicide. My dad was going through a low point in his life, including the loss of his dog Tommy and on the 4th of July, 1992 decided to drive up to Estes Park and drove his car off the top of Trail Ridge Road. I believe with all my heart That God has placed me on this path that’s lead me to where I am right now and my Life’s calling is to now work as hard as I can to create High Quality dogs that will make wonderful family companions that live long healthy lives and my hope for the future is that with all I learn with all the beautiful litters we raise & our close relationships with our puppy families that one day hopefully sooner than later we will be able to provide Veterans, Special needs children, and people with disabilities the best possible Therapy and service dogs they could ever ask for. We currently have four dogs in training to be service dogs for veterans, three dogs in families with Autistic kids, and four dogs in homes being full time therapy dogs to their owners. We are learning all we can from the dogs and the owners experiences and about the training process involved to have what it takes to be a full time Service/ Therapy Dog. We plan to expand our breeding program using our High breeding standards with the highest quality dogs we can find to give us the best possible chance of creating dogs that are of the utmost Health both physically and mentally. All our puppies are raised with The Puppy Culture Program to learn more about this Early Neurological Stimulation and all its benefits please visit their website at www.puppyculture.com I recently joined the Mile High Golden retriever Club & I have been taking lots of classes in training dogs. I have started working hard on learning to participate as a handler in the show dog world so I can learn all I can about the standard of the bred. I recently just finished my first dog Wind Lovin Jack Daniels call name Gabriel and he was awarded his UKC Championship title. My next Show stopper Rosie is just one win away from receiving her UKC Championship. I have started showing my English Goldens in The United Kennel Club shows as they are a little more owner handler friendly. The English bred Golden Retrievers are tougher to show in AKC shows because the UKC standard and the AKC standard are not the exact same. I will soon be making my way to also show our dogs at the AKC/ American Kennel Club Shows but for now have been just a witness and hobby photographer admiring all the beautiful Goldens from the sidelines. I hope you will enjoy our website.